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The Creators

John-Paul Howard started comic illustration with the Brighton based Small Press publication ''Rapid Fire'' doing the 'Talisman' strip with Colin Dinnie(Zarjaz). He then progressed to working on ''Mongrol Cortex'' for Liam Sharp (Madefire) and John Bamber ( in the "Event Horizon" anthology (Mam Tor Press). From there he did the 100 page graphic novel ''Miracle'' with David Black ("CSI Miami", "Law and Order") for Arcana Studios. John was chosen to illustrate "The Green Man" for Mohawk Media's ECO Comics line, and for Glasgow based Vital publishing:"Red Spektrum", "Julia Bronte", "School of the Damned" and the controversial "Royal Descent". He resides in Tamworth with his wife Martha and crazy Schnauzer Pepper.

Kris Lippert is a independent filmmaker based in Western Australia who aims to produce internationally successful films with his production company, Movierockets Entertainment. The first production of his company was Gingerclown 3D featuring Tim Curry, picked up by Lionsgate for distribution in North America. He wrote and produced supernatural thriller Foreshadow, his first completely Western Australian feature. He is currently working on a slate of projects with various creative contributors predominantly focusing on thriller and horror stories.

Valerie D’Orazio is a comic book writer, editor, blogger and transmedia consultant who has worked for Marvel, DC, IDW, MTV, Valiant, BOOM!, Moonstone, Bluewater, and Macmillan. Her comics include “Beyond: Edward Snowden,” “PunisherMAX: Butterfly,” and “X-Men Origins: Emma Frost.” She joined the Creative Services Department at DC Comics in 2000, where she became assistant editor to Editorial Art Director Mark Chiarello on titles such as Aquaman, Batman: Black and White, and JLA. In 2006, she wrote an autobiographical series about her experiences with sexism in the American comic book industry, fandom and her health struggles entitled Goodbye to Comics. D'Orazio wrote three stories for Marvel Comics: Punisher MAX: Butterfly,X-Men Origins: Emma Frost and a short story for Girl Comics (mini-series). She also wrote two stories for Bluewater Comics,: Beyond: Edward Snowden, and Beyond: The Joker: The Man Who Laughs From 2010 to 2013, she was the editor of subsidiary MTV Geek. She self-published two works under the Telekinetic Press imprint, The Horror Lovers and Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine.

Teodoro Gonzalez Born in Venezuela, Teo has been a comic book colorist since 2005. He first started coloring as a hobby, but after two years, he received job offer from Alias Comics. Since then, the jobs have kept coming. He has worked for large companies and continues looking for new chances to showcase his art.

Hugh Vogt puts the “ill” in illustrator! - with his wicked sick artwork, and mild to severe allergies. Descended from Welsh kings, Vogt ducked his bloody heritage to hone his craft at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design - then soon made a name for himself with his sought-after freelance work. While his rugged good looks and boyish charm could open any door, he’d rather cuddle with you and a box of thin mints.

Jeff Austin has been an inker and occasional solo artist in the comics field for the past twenty five years. His inks have shown up at dozens of companies including Rebel Studios, Big Bang Comics, AC Comics, JGM Publishing, Trinity Comics, and Virus Comics [lousy memory prevents Jeff from listing them all.. pardon to the forgotten names]. Known primarily as an inker, Jeff does, on occasion turn his attentions towards full art.

Bram Meehan is a graphic designer/creative director providing lettering, logo design, and production for comics, as well as branding and marketing communications for businesses and publishers. He serves on the board of, a nonprofit organization supporting comics education and comics creators, and teaches creating comics at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

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