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Olivia, the Scholar

Olivia is a reclusive young woman, researching her PhD thesis on medieval occult history. While she is great with computers and has a keen intellect, when it comes to people, her skills are somewhat lacking. She is the youngest of the three women at 150. Born and raised in a small rural community in Northern England, she fled to the US with Victoria when a mob lynched Eva.

Of the trio, Olivia represents intellect and logical thinking. She has immense knowledge of spells and mythology, and approaches problems intellectually. She is ‘Spock’ to Victoria’s ‘Kirk’.

The Witches

Eva, the Healer

Eva missed the last 130 years on account of being dead. A master of potion making and a healer, she hails from Byzantine Greece. She provides the guidance and emotional support for Olivia that she desperately needs and the moral compass to Victoria she is less then keen to receive.

Eva is a creature ruled by emotion, and she relies on intuition to find solutions to problems. She has recipes for all kinds of ointments and potions, but her powers are diminished without a true Witches Trine. She would be the ‘McCoy’ of the group.

Victoria, the Warrior

VICTORIA looks no more than 30, yet she is the oldest of the group having been born in ancient Babylon as the granddaughter of high priestess Semiramis. She travelled all over the world, knows everybody worth knowing, and has martial arts skills second to none. She works as a high-class escort transitioning with ease to an object of desire and providing her unique talents to a select clientele, earning a good living and making invaluable connections in high society.

Victoria is a physical being using her seductive skills, sexual prowess and fighting ability to overcome problems. Her beauty is legendary and she has a body to die for.​

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